Kamal Bedi

Individual and Relational Therapist (MMFT)

You are strong and resilient in taking this first step to care for yourself. You may be tired of feeling the way you do and are ready for change. You want to enjoy the life you live and the key to this is to enjoy the relationships you have, including the one with yourself. You might notice recurring patterns such as the same fears or reactions, but anything you try to do differently only temporarily helps. I can help you find the strength to create lasting and meaningful changes in your life. My approach is client-centred and holistic and I feel honoured to encourage you as you embark upon this journey of healing and growth.

How I can help.

Therapy uses unique interventions that help interrupt unhelpful patterns. I use a combination of narrative therapy, emotion focused, IFS, attachment lens, art therapy and others in my work. As your therapist, I want to help you cultivate deeper, meaningful relationships that you also find joy in.

My goal for you is to help you feel capable of change without wearing yourself out in the process. We will work together, at a pace that feels right for you, and map out steps to take for sustainable growth.

My story.

I have had a fair share of struggles through my own journey and have dealt with strong feelings of sadness and hopelessness over many years. It was hard to live this way and I knew that healing would require time, energy and most importantly, courage to reach out for help. I explored a variety of tools and resources and learnt strategies that helped me understand what the roots of my challenges were and what I could do about it. I know through my own lived experience that feeling seen, heard and understood has a unique power that can compel a shift in mood, thought process and energy levels. It can be difficult to find someone that we are comfortable enough with to share parts of ourselves we keep hidden from others. I feel honoured to play the role of this person in your life and to hold space for you to be vulnerable and authentic.

Life outside the office.

I also wear a mom hat to 3 young children who keep me very busy when Iā€™m not in the office. They keep me grounded and are always up for something fun and relaxing. I enjoy reading philosophy books in my spare time, exploring new foods with my partner and doing something creative with my hands such as painting, practicing piano or cooking.


  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Relationships

Areas that I can assist with.

  • Parenting struggles
  • Anger management
  • Personality disorders
  • Life transitions
  • Eating disorders

Therapies offered.

  • Narrative therapy
  • Solution focused
  • IFS
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • Emotional focused therapy
  • Relaxation strategies
  • Mindfulness based


“I am the accumulation of my experiences, good, bad or other. I have acknowledged my past. I am moving forward in a healthy way. Guilt, shame do not serve me. I can look at my life objectively, well more so now. I need to be kind to myself. I am a better, stronger person, ready to fill my cup, to bring compassion vs judgement. There is no need to hide from myself.

Kamal has kindly provided a safe space for me to peel away some layers that I used to hide behind (shame, guilt, misdirected anger). Her gentle approach helped guide me forward towards a healthy, beautiful life that I once felt unworthy of having. Thank you for your professionalism, your perseverance, and your patience as I moved forward with your help.”

ā€“ Saskia


“I have been doing therapy with Kamal for approximately 9 months and I am so lucky to have found her on psychologytoday.com. I have done therapy on and off for years with others and her ability to guide me through my grief yet empower me at the same time is unmatched. I have set goals, reached milestones and have grown immensely in my self-healing journey because of the guidance, acknowledgement, and support Kamal offers. I have learnt to listen and believe in my intuition, value my uniqueness, and be open to fear that comes with challenges. Kamal has helped me believe in myself and take control of my fears. For anyone struggling with self-esteem issues, lack of confidence, heartbreak, grief or loss, you matter and your experiences are valid. I urge you to seek guidance and professional support to learn how to honour and love yourself. Kamal will help you get there.”

ā€“ Chelsea


ClienteleWomen, men, children over 12
Average cost per session $140/hr
Sliding scale No
Free consultation? Yes, 15 minutes by phone, video meeting, in-person
Accepted payment methods Cash, e-Transfer, credit card
Accepts coverage? No direct billing
Accepted insurance plansBlue Cross, Great West Life, and possibly others. Please confirm with your provider.


In practice since2017
SchoolUniversity of Winnipeg, Master of Marriage and Family Therapy 2018

Additional credentials.

Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy2020
Gottman Institute of Relational Therapy (Level One)
Canadian Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

Contact information.

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