Elyssa Stelman


I think it is a very human experience to assume that we need to have all the pieces together. Society also reinforces an unrealistic standard; in an effort to belong it can be easy to get disconnected from who we are and what we actually need. Sometimes what we need is just the space to feel.

Whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression, whether you are feeling a bit lost, dissatisfied in relationships, or running on overdrive, we will work together to explore your concerns. It is my hope that we can work collaboratively to identify some of the recurring patterns and narratives that are holding you back. In this way, we can expand your inner landscape so that you can find new ways of relating and connecting in a way that feels nourishing—to you. You are the expert in your life—with unique strengths and ideas and intuitive knowing.

I know how powerful it is to feel a sense of connection. Taking a step towards therapy is taking a brave step towards reconnecting with yourself. I approach everyone from an anti-oppressive lens and respectfully acknowledge that I am a settler on Treaty 1 territory. Welcome, I look forward to connecting with you.

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Giving yourself permission to be human is one of the most rebellious acts you can take - Katie Buemann