Suzanne Braun

Individual and Relational Therapist (MMFT)

Hello! My name is Suzanne (she/her) and I have a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MMFT). While the degree uses the word “Marriage”, I am trained to work with (and enjoy!) individuals, relationships, and families of all sorts. I am currently working with adult (18+) individual clients and couples and/or relationships.

Sometimes people feel stuck in a place they don’t want to be. In our sessions, we will talk about where you feel stuck, figure out how you’ve been getting through so far, and what we can do together to work toward feeling less stuck.

I have worked with clients since 2018 on a variety of concerns, including anxiety, infertility, identity, grief, trauma, family stress, relationship stress, work stress, and emotion regulation. I use a variety of therapy models and theories, including attachment therapy, mindfulness-based approaches, and family systems therapy. I can integrate CBT where it is wanted and relevant to your therapy goals.

Of the two of us, you are the expert on you. We all come from different experiences and communities, and I am honored to hear a bit about you as you determine what you want to share with me. Throughout our time together, I will check in with you to make sure that I am understanding what you want me to know, and to do therapy at a pace that feels right to you. It’s important that you feel like your therapist “gets” you, and if we meet and it doesn’t feel like I’m that person for you, I am happy to suggest other therapists or agencies.

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People do the best they can with what they know (at that time). And we can keep learning and growing; its never too late to make changes we want for ourselves.