Barbara Balshaw-Dow

Private Practitioner Counselling Services , Registered Yoga Teacher

Are you anxious, sad, feeling emotional? Are there challenges in your life that you want to sort out, approach directly or put behind you and don’t know where to start? Are you seeking new opportunities, relationships, employment or career changes? Have you experienced negative adverse events or trauma that may be impacting your life today?

Counselling is an opportunity to talk to a trained professional who can help you make sense of difficult feelings and emotions; help resolve complicated issues or find ways to manage them. Counselling can assist in recognizing unhelpful patterns and behaviours and find ways to change them.

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Our mountain is the block between you and the life you want to live. Facing it is also the only trail to your freedom and becoming. You are here because a trigger showed you to your wound, and your wound will lead you to your trail and your trail will show you to your destiny. " - adapted from Brianna Wiest

It's not just brain biochemistry and physiology that's impacted by chronic and traumatic stress. The gut changes too and this can have an enormous effect on your digestive health, as well as your thoughts, moods, money, concentration and emotions - Malan-Muller, 2018