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Safe Harbour Therapy offers services within each of the 7 dimensions of wellness so you can find balance and well-being in your life.

We Honour and Acknowledge.

Safe Harbour is committed to understanding the truth, having open and honest dialogue, and exploring ways we can reconcile relationships with Indigenous People.

Conversations with Safe Harbour Therapy

Episode 100 – Integrative & Evidence-Based Therapy with Chris Haney

written by Chris Haney on 07/07/22

When we are in distress either temporarily or chronically, we tend to shut down that connection. This break in our body-mind connection can lead to further pain and suffering. Our emotions take over; we dwell on thoughts in an attempt to control them. The resulting distress may be seen in such symptoms as anxiety, depression, addiction etc. However, if we are able to find ways to maintain our body-mind connection even in times of distress, we can open the door to so many more possibilities that in turn can help us whether its acceptance, taking action, seeking help from others, building resources etc. I have experienced success in finding ways to achieve and strengthen this connection using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness, and trauma informed yoga.

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Episode 99 – Reflective Counselling with Barbara Balshaw-Dow

written by Barbara Balshaw-Dow on 09/06/22

“What we resist persists.” Are you anxious, sad, feeling emotional? Are there challenges in your life that you want to sort out, approach directly or put behind you and don’t know where to start? Are you seeking new opportunities, relationships, employment or career changes? Have you experienced negative adverse events or trauma that may be impacting your life today? Counselling is an opportunity to talk to a trained professional who can help you make sense of difficult feelings and emotions; help resolve complicated issues or find ways to manage them.

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Episode 98 – Natural Eating with Lisa Kehler

written by Lisa Kehler on 06/05/22

You’ll eat to feel better, physically and emotionally. Scarfing down a box of chocolates on the couch because you’re sad, lonely, mad or tired just won’t make sense anymore. What will make sense is figuring out what that craving and urgent need to eat and only eat is really telling you. Finding the space in the urgency to figure out what you really need to find peace again. This is how that chocolate bar doesn’t turn into three and a bag of chips to boot.

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