Rosalind Boning

Reiki Master & Energy Healer

Hi, I’m Rosalind, but you can call me Roz. I am a Reiki Master and I specialize in Reiki Energy healing, and I’m excited to assist you on your wellness journey! I practice from a space of unconditional love, compassion, and connection I have always been drawn to helping people feel and become healthier and happier. Do you have a pain that just won’t go away, or a feeling that you are blocked, unbalanced, or just can’t move forward? Reiki energy healing releases these negative energies and brings healing, relaxation, lightness, and balance back into your body, mind, and soul. A Reiki session feels like a glowing radiance throughout the body which starts relaxing tense muscles promoting healing from the first moments.

A Reiki Session Overview:

A session is given while resting fully clothed on a massage table with blankets and cushions as requested. I encourage you to prepare for your appointment by drinking water and wearing comfortable clothing, so you feel relaxed throughout the session. The Reiki session is delivered gentle touch connecting you to Universal Energy all around. Some Reiki practitioners hover their hands over their clients, however I feel gentle touch brings greater feelings of relaxation and healing. For more information, pick up a brochure at Safe Harbour Therapy, check out my website, or contact me by email!

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The positive shifts and feelings that my clients experience after a Reiki Session is what I most enjoy about my work! I love helping people feel their best!