Leah Coleman, MACP-Q

Practicum Therapist, University of Manitoba

I like to use a holistic approach to counselling that allows the counsellor to walk with the participant through their journey of self exploration. It is important to allow the participant to feel at ease and comfortable as we embark on this experience together. It may be challenging to reach out for help, but the benefits can be life changing. It is my hope that the experiences within this journey will be carried with you long after our time together is over.

Life has many twists and turns; progress is not linear. I believe that through counselling, we can explore the roots of current issues and challenges to allow new growth. Using a mixture of theoretical perspectives facilitates a comprehensive approach that may match an individual's needs. While some issues and stressors may be universal, the counselling process is as individual as the participant.

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“It is not the weight of things that matters. It is all about our balance within.”- unknown