Therese Anderson

Reflexology and Healing Touch Practitioner

I am passionate about connecting with individuals and provide a safe space for growth using natural restorative approaches to self-care.

Do you feel that you can’t reach out or tell people about what you are experiencing? In your mind you think it will be too heavy to share. You keep it to yourself and continue to live life to the best of your ability. I’ve been there it took years of packing and storing trauma until a major life event occurred where I couldn’t stash anymore. Out of necessity, I began my healing journey. My healing journey continues to this day by using self-care methods, complimentary modalities, western medicine and indigenous ways of healing.

While raising three beautiful children, being a school teacher and Instructional Coach for many years. I trained as a practitioner of Foot Reflexology and have practiced for twenty years. I trained in Healing Touch and have been a practitioner for five years and Instructor of both modalities in the last year. I certified as Life & Wellness Coach in 2017. I mentor and coach individuals to acquire and achieve life and wellness goals. Coaching also integrates well with other modalities.

If you are looking for someone who has experienced trauma, has worked and still does work on self-care and is a practitioner of therapies like: Foot Reflexology, Healing Touch and Life and Wellness Coaching, I can walk with you on your healing journey. We will have an energetic connection and understanding of what it takes to work on a restorative wellness plan. We can begin by meeting virtually for twenty minutes or, you can contact me directly to book your first session.

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