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Do you have periods of scattered thinking, reoccurring thought patterns, stress or anxiety?

A Healing Touch technique called Mind Clearing can provide the focus and relaxing one is seeking when the mind needs to slow down and be quiet.  This technique is often used by healing touch practitioners to promote relaxation and mental focus.  As a Healing Touch Practitioner, I often teach the Mind Clearing Technique to clients as a self-care practice.  A pattern is used that changes the energy flow inside the head and follows the meridian flow going up the back of the head and down the front of the face.  Rev. Rudy Noel adapted this technique from Rosalyn Bruyere (renowned for her work at Healing Light Center in California). 

This technique was further adapted by Penny Burdick.  It can be self-administered in 10 to 20 minutes.  It can be done sitting or lying down during a break at work and/or before going to bed creating a peaceful state.  Laying down helps with the relaxation response.  A specific pattern is used.  Each position is held for a minute or longer; or until one senses a completion of energy flow or connection.

Basic Instructions:

  1.  To begin focus on your inhalations and exhalations.  Don’t control – just be.
  2.  Feel the earth energy entering through your feet flowing to your heart.
  3.  Feel the universal energy flowing through the top of your head flowing to your heart.
  4.  Allow the earth and universal energies to become one at the heart.
  5.  Allow the energy from your heart to flow out through your arms and hands.
  6.  With crossed hands rest palms on chest with fingers on the collar bone and allow the energy to flow.
  7.  Place one hand at the back of your neck and one on your forehead and allow the energy to flow.
  8.  Place both hands to form a diamond between the hands.  Place thumbs at the base of the skull and fingers connected at back of the head.
  9. With the same hand connection move the thumbs to midpoint at the back of the head.
  10. Place fingers on the bony ridges behind the ears.
  11. Place both hands over the eyes and hold.
  12. Place each hand on side of face – palms, just below the chin and fingers resting gently on side of the face.
  13. Move hands crossed place on chest with fingers resting on collar bone..

The Mind Clearing Technique is done.

To learn more please visit to learn more about Healing Touch Self Care sessions. If you would like a copy of the Mind Clearing technique you can email me at requesting the format.