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It’s going to be okay. Taking the first step to care for yourself is often the most difficult part of starting on the journey of healing. If you are feeling anxious, worried, fearful, depressed, frustrated… you name it, we will work together to help you find the inner space to feel safe and secure. Let’s take the next step together shall we?

Coming from a compassionate position, we will explore your story, your needs and your hopes and dreams for the future.

I work using a very integrative approach: Mindfulness, Narrative, Compassionate Inquiry, DBT, Trauma Informed, Recovery, Attachment Theory, Neuroplasticity, Gottman, IFS… these are all modalities and through the course of our work together – I will integrate the best model for the best result in our session.

“Navigating life’s challenges with skillful care and compassion.”

You are not broken. 

My deepest belief and lived experience is in the space of understanding that each of us has the capacity to connect our past with our present. We can then unburden ourselves and develop skills that allow us to live with confidence, compassion, courage, creativity and peace of mind and heart.

I love writing and am currently finishing my first book. I’m a radical enthusiast – I love my family, friends, the outdoors, cooking, traveling ,all with reckless abandon. If I could be outdoors all the time, hiking, tuning into the wind, literally hugging a tree – all seasons, I’d be outdoors. And above all, I’m a life long learner – truly passionate about cultivating my practice as a compassionate, ever-growing therapist.

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