Art can take us beyond language, to our unconscious and can permit direct expression of our hopes, fears, losses, dreams, fantasies, and other unexpressed inner experiences which we can have difficulty expressing with words.

Art therapy uses art and the creative process and the healing and self-reflective aspects of that process to address issues we as human being face in our lives. Art therapy has value with individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

This unique form of therapy has its roots in psychodynamic theory and developmental psychology. Art therapy uses art and the creative process to explore and traverse emotions, build self-awareness and self acceptance, develop new coping strategies, reduce anxiety, move through grief and loss, and increase self-esteem and self-worth.

Through the Art Therapy process, individuals develop a relationship with their creativity. Through this deeply personal relationship, they can build an identity as a creator and learn to see life challenges as creative challenges, which they would then have the tools to endeavour upon.

In addition to Art Therapy, Jessica has 10 years experience in talk therapy and offers this as a stand-alone service in her practice. For more information on this process, contact us.