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Will Foot Reflexology help if I am feeling overwhelmed?

During the pandemic many people may feel overwhelmed for many different reasons. Stress levels increase. Studies have shown that stress lowers a person’s immune system. The reverse is true with reflexology therapy, it increases a person’s immune system. It is by working the reflex points of the nervous system and lymphatic system that a Reflexology Therapist is able to facilitate the release of tension and increase the immune system function. These are two of many areas worked on during a regular Foot Reflexology therapy session.

Strategies for effective Foot Reflexology sessions.

  • During the first session the therapist and client agree on a mutual goal for wellness, for example releasing tension or improving sleep.
  • When beginning reflexology attending 3-5 sessions in a short period of time increases for example once a week for four sessions. It takes up to 72 hours for the therapy effects to integrate.
  • The time between sessions can increase in length.
  • Therapist and client can develop long term goals to continue with therapy.

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