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How are things going in your day-to-day life? If you’re like most people…the pandemic may have knocked you off balance and may be affecting your mental health. 

Are you sleeping?  Do you have an appetite? Do you find you’re worrying a lot…about your job? School? Your kid’s or your parent’s health? Have you stopped talking to your friends? Are the things you normally do during your day feeling difficult to do?  It might be time to reach out to talk to someone like a friend or a mental health professional.

Speaking to a psychiatric nurse may help. Psychiatric Nursing is one of Manitoba’s regulated healthcare professions that primarily focuses on providing care related to mental health, addictions, or neurodevelopmental disorders. Through the use of psycho-social interventions the psychiatric nurse supports the client through a recovery process. Using a bio/psycho/social approach, information is gathered and together with the client a plan for treatment is developed and implemented.   
Psychiatric Nurses are found where people are: in hospitals, care homes, health centres, and in independent practice providing mental health care directly to the community.

Seeing a psychiatric nurse is similar to  seeing a counsellor or social worker with the difference being a psychiatric nurse having a medical background to help manage side effects found with medication. Research shows that psychotherapy, including approaches like CBT, increases the changes of recovery from mental health struggles.

Psychiatric nurses can support your mental health journey.  If you’re finding that you’re struggling with your mental health, please reach out to Dale (link to safe harbour email) and start feeling supported today.

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