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Here is a wonderful News Years Resolution for 2021…Learn the Healing Touch Self Chakra Connection!

Are you feeling drab and or experiencing the doldrums? Are there times when you feel heavy of mind, heart, spirit or body?

Most people are prone to the above predispositions because of the demands placed because of the holiday season.  Covid19 has also placed additional strains.  

Have you ever walked into a person’s place who is experiencing depression and you feel the depression in the air?  People walk in an energy field of seven layers of varying layers which originate for from energy centers called chakras.  

Negative situations, thoughts, feelings and talk can affect people’s energy field.  When I was younger if I felt out of sorts and it was windy I would go outside and let the wind blow through me and I would feel refreshed and cleansed.

Now, as a practitioner of Healing Touch, I can do a self-chakra connection to facilitate connecting, opening and balancing of the energy system from chakra to chakra. This is important to do on a daily basis as an energy worker. I also recommend this technique to clients who come and see me to continue with their own personal healing journey. 

If you would like to begin to clear, balance and energize your energy system in order to promote health and healing for your mind, body and spirit you can begin with this technique.  

The most effective way would be to meet with me for a Healing Touch Sessions and do the Self-Chakra Connection. The guided practice starts in this podcast at 13 minutes … feel free to listen daily as a means to connect with and rejuvenate yourself.

I am available to do Healing Touch Distance Healing via Zoom if you are interested.  To learn more please visit: /pages/contact-wellness-therapy-centre-winnipeg-manitoba

Dimension of wellness include: emotional, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being