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I am a marriage and family therapist (MFT) – but I don’t only work with married people and families! It’s a deceiving title. I work with all people; individuals, people in intimate relationships and families. Being trained as an MFT means I specialize in the area of relationships. With individuals we focus on the relationship they have to themself, the issue they are struggling with, and to myself. With intimate relationships and families we focus on all of those, plus the relationship they have to each other. 

I am a brainspotting therapist which uses eye position processing and bilateral stimulation, similar to EMDR. It is one of the tools I use with clients to help them access midbrain processing to deepen the healing experience. Clients who have been in talk therapy for years have experienced more rapid movement in their healing journey with half a dozen sessions of brainspotting. Because it targets the midbrain processing, which is where we hold our memories, emotions and ties to coping mechanisms, it is being proven to be a very reliable and powerful tool. 

I have been trained to work with intimate relationships that are experiencing addictions (either one person in the intimate relationship or both). I follow an experiential approach for this model, and it is open to being adapted to integrate brainspotting if the clients are wanting, and we decide it is appropriate. 

I also have experience working with a range of issues that clients bring in – eating disorders, depression, anxiety, intimacy, body image, trauma, suicidal ideation, infidelity, offence histories, sexual assault and more. As an MFT I focus on the relationship the client has to the issue at hand. Facing the issues can feel intimidating, scary or overwhelming. I walk with my clients at the pace they set so that we can experience a path of healing, safety and bravery together. 

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