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I take pride in an “outside the box” approach to identify my client’s needs and provide a creative, results-oriented method to vocational rehabilitation, career counselling and disability management. I see my role, one I am passionate about, to empathically support, connect, challenge and celebrate with my clients as they define, understand and own their strengths and limitations.

“See a brighter future.”

Speaking from personal experience, most of us will not stay in the same job, let alone the same industry for our entire working life. Working with me can start the journey to self-discovery; the journey that never ends. I apply a trauma-informed lens as a critical tool in providing all vocational services. In particular I am skilled and experienced in the following:

  • Determining a vocation or career path; preparing for the “world of work”.
  • Complete a career transition; navigate through a career change.
  • Ensure career management; focusing on employability throughout a person’s work life.
  • Assist people who have disabilities in living fuller, more independent lives by securing employment.

Since 2005, I have been providing disability and vocational rehabilitation services within the insurance, non-profit, private and public sectors. I believe in modifying all strategies to fit the very specific needs of my clients. My focus is to improve my clients career potential and income as well as their quality of life outside the world of work. Trust is the cornerstone of my practice; my clients can be assured that their opinions and values will be heard and respected. My goal throughout is to help individuals pursue learning and find work which is personally meaningful; empowering them so that they are able to manage transitions in today’s ever-evolving labour market.

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