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Struggling to get pregnant? Have you experienced a recent miscarriage or loss?

Infertility affects roughly 1 in 5 couples and no one should have to go through the stress, frustration and devastation alone that comes from trying to conceive for months (or years!), navigating assisted reproductive technology or healing from pregnancy loss. 

As a Fertility Support Specialist (Doula), I support women through any stage of trying to conceive. The three pillars of doula support include physical, emotional and informational support. Working with women who are experiencing infertility is no different. What each person needs will look different and I have a whole host of tools and resources to help them navigate the waters of infertility. 

Upon doing an initial intake to find out how their journey has unfolded for them and what they have been through we come up with a plan of action and what direction our coaching sessions will take. We usually do 1-2 coaching sessions a month with unlimited text/email support in between. Coaching sessions can include but are not limited to providing emotional support, helping clients navigate their options, providing mindfulness and relaxation techniques, creating custom guided meditations, providing cycle charting support, creating holistic fertility plans that support body and mind balance, as well as support for early pregnancy. As a Registered Massage Therapist I also offer packages that include Craniosacral Therapy as I have found it to be very beneficial in releasing blockages, emotions and restrictions in the body as well as calming the nervous system, reducing stress and increasing a sense of peace and optimism for the road ahead. 

As your fertility doula, my role is to be your most supportive friend and guide throughout this journey. I will hold space for you to sit in your emotions and let out all your hurt, guide you through the tough times, help you find peace within and celebrate your wins.

So if you could use some more support along your path, reach out to Lori