One of the most common questions that I hear people ask, is why does Block Therapy use Cedar as its therapeutic wooden tool?

Cedar has been used in the Indigenous Cultures for many different purposes for thousands of years. Anywhere from creating furniture and clothing (specifically hats woven from the roots), medicinal techniques in the healing of wounds, and used for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, as well as for spiritual beliefs. It is considered a powerful symbol of strength and revitalization. This frequency of the cedar’s energy and all of it’s qualities is really quite amazing, It also has a similar density to bone, and it is this frequency, that allows us to release the powerful magnetic grips of the fascia, from the bone, which may help with relieving stress in certain areas, in the body, that develop overtime.

We are covered from head to toe, by fascia, which is a band or sheet of connective tissue, and wraps itself around every artery, nerve, vein, bone, muscle…well… every structure within our bodies. It has also been said that our fascia has a mind of its own. It can sense when our bodies become asymmetrical and it does what it needs to do, to try to create balance.

Overtime, we all experience injury or emotional situations that causes the body to tense up, and the fascia reactively responds and goes into a form of protective mode by contracting independently and responds to stress without our minds being aware of it. Chronic stress or pain causes the fascia to thicken in an attempt to protect the underlying structures of the body. This thickness creates adhesions within the body and eventually inhibits range of motion and freedom of movement, inadvertently creating a state of disharmony rather than helping. Our posture becomes compromised, then aches and pains set in as we are held tight in an alignment that will continue to pull the fascia into thickened patterns, and create lack of movement in the body, increasing the thickness of the fascia. In order to free up our movement, we need to work with, and release these adhesions that are created.

Now because of the amazing qualities that Cedar provides, when we combine our therapeutic tool, with proper diaphragmatic breathing, and then place the Block in certain positions on the body, we can help relieve stressed, and adhered areas of fascia that may be causing pain and discomfort, and emotional turmoil as well. The Cedar allows us to go as deep into the body as we need to, and will allow ourselves, in order to find that relief. Cedar has been a very effective tool for Block Therapy, and needless to say, gives off an amazing, comforting, aroma.

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