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One of the more notable qualities of grief is its ability to make us feel alone or isolated. “I’m surrounded by people, so why do I feel so lonely when I’m grieving?”

Grief is the emotion of loss, and whether we have lost a person, a pet, a home, a dream, an identity…. there is now an empty space where something valuable used to exist. Emptiness feels lonely.

Grief often touches places in us that are beyond the ability of language to express – this goes both for those who are grieving and for those who are comforting them. It’s easy to pull away from each other, furthering that feeling of isolation. 

The beautiful thing about navigating grief is that it does not require all the right words, but just intentionally showing up. It can be as simple as sitting with someone in silence, checking in after the initial loss, or even creating rituals or ways to honour the grief and loss together over time. 

“Being with” someone in grief or allowing others to show up for you is the most powerful way to navigate loss without feeling lost. 

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