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“The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our relationships”. Esther Perel

Marriage and Family therapy isn’t just for marriages and families. It’s therapy for anyone who is feeling disconnected in a relationship.

Marriage and Family therapists undergo extensive training to utilize a theoretical framework that helps people reconnect after the ups and downs in life have created a disconnect between them.

We are all part of networks and affect each other in our interactions whether in the past or the present and whether we are at work, home, or in the community. Problems in a relationship don’t reside just within one person. It’s the intersecting of each person’s stories that may sometimes involves conflict.

Conflict in relationships could look like fighting, numbing behaviours (like working, eating, drinking, etc, too much), intimacy and communication difficulties, and more.

All trauma results in disconnection from self or others. Individual, Relational, and Trauma therapy with Carmen is a holistic approach to find peace with oneself and one’s story. A therapeutic approach called Brainspotting helps process and organize at a mid-brain level, to bring insight and resolution to past experiences.

Relationships are complicated and sometimes we need an outside perspective to see where the intersections are creating conflict, to learn some tools to assist in managing these conflicts and to navigate a resolution, together.

In the end, we all hope to reduce conflict, increase the quality time with the people in our lives, feel connected and communicate authentically.

If you feel like something is just not right in one of your relationships, please reach out to Carmen at and begin your healing today.