Quarks are the building blocks of the universe, the energy behind everything that exists. This energy is everywhere, constantly flowing and evolving. As humans, we have our own energy fields surrounding our bodies. Sometimes, our energy can become blocked or unbalanced due to injury or trauma. Healing Touch is a gentle, non-invasive energy therapy that promotes relaxation and can work to clear, energize and balance our bodies.

We are equipped with energy centers called chakras. When our energy is blocked or unbalanced, these chakras become congested, which can cause illness if left untreated. Practitioners of Healing Touch consciously use their hands in an intentional, heart-centered way to help clear this energy congestion. In this caring relationship, the practitioner and the client come together energetically to facilitate health and healing. This gift of touch influences the human energy system, which in turn has benefits for the clients’ physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

Healing Touch treatment is typically administered while the client lies on a massage table with their clothes on. With your consent, the practitioner uses their hands to assess your biofield and proceeds to clear and balance it as needed using either off body touch (near body but no direct contact) or a gentle (still) touch over various areas of the body.

Healing Touch works as a complementary therapy and can be combined with traditional therapies, it may restore harmony and balance in the body’s energy system, which creates an optimal environment for the body to self-heal. This is a helpful tool for taking care of our energy fields and restoring the balance in our lives.