Do you ever wonder what makes some relationships relaxed and stimulating while others are difficult and drain your energy?

From the time we are born we begin connecting to and forming relationships with important people in our lives. These relationships become an important part of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and development. Life then, becomes a journey to finding out who “I” am in the midst of all these relationships to family, friends and others some of whom may have their own ideas about who I “should” be. The relational dynamics that we experience with others in our lives are vitally important and challenging as they can influence our happiness, as well as personal and spiritual health.

Energetic connections form between chakras (energy centres in the body) in the individuals involved in a relationship and reflect the quality of the relationship, whether vital and alive or toxic and depressing. As the energy can travel both ways, these cords form the wiring underneath our connection to others and help to make the relationship clearer and let us know how our needs are or are not being met. We grow as individuals through our relationships and as we bring that energy back into us, we create our own reality by giving meaning and value to who and what we are in this world we live in. By clearing, cleaning and repairing these energetic cord connections we can enhance our ability to have healthier relationships and to make choices that are appropriate for us.

This can be accomplished through healing work either in person or at a distance. Through the healing, space is created for something new to come into one’s life. The clearing and balancing may open the individual to new ways of understanding the importance of a particular relationship and to developing different ways of responding to others.

This therapy is oriented toward following the lead of the client’s own process rather than having something imposed by the therapist. This work is subtle rather than dramatic and takes time to realize results. Relational work is not for everyone, however, as there needs to be a time commitment on the part of the client and a willingness to deeply examine themselves and their relationships. When that commitment is made I have found, in my healing practice, that this becomes a powerful addition to one’s own personal process and the healing power within one’s own body. This work does not interfere with any other treatment the individual may be receiving, traditional or alternative.

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Luella Sinha