Natalie Koleric

Individual and Relational Therapist

*Natalie is not accepting new clients at this time*

Coming for therapy can be challenging on its own. Asking for help can be hard, opening up can be terrifying, and then facing the issues that are bringing you for therapy can be incredibly daunting. Just know, that I am here to walk with you every step of the way. I truly believe that every person holds their own answers; it’s just a matter of unlocking them. I have never met a client who didn’t have any resilience or strength.

All folks from every walk of life are welcome. Whether it’s coming for yourself, your intimate relationship or your family, I invite you to see if this is a place change can happen for you.

Conversations with Safe Harbour Therapy
65 – Welcoming Natalie Koleric


I specialize in attachment and relationships as a marriage and family therapist.

That also means I pay special attention on a person’s relationship to their self and their relationship to the issue(s) they face. I have also trained in brainspotting and am currently working towards certification. Brainspotting, while similar to EMDR, takes a client-led approach that uses the client’s eye position and somatic experiences to process issues at a deeper level.

I completed a masters degree in gender, feminist and women’s studies which helps me engage clients in power-sharing, empowerment and reducing marginalizing forces in the room.

I have also specific experience working with people with sex offence histories, couples dealing with addictions, and eating disorders.


I work with the young, the older-and-wiser, groups, individuals, all forms of intimate relationships, straight, LGBTQ*, all varieties of ability, all classes, and all colours of humans under the sun. My space is inclusive to all people at different stages of readiness for change.

Therpeutic approaches offered.

I use a blend of systemic approach for clients. This includes internal family systems, emotionally-focused therapy, experiential therapy, structural and narrative therapy. I also use brainspotting as an intervention alongside these approaches.


I completed a bachelor degree in conflict resolution and international development (BA) at the University of Winnipeg. Later I went on to York University to do a masters in gender, feminist and women’s studies (MA). That program led me to my last masters degree of marriage and family therapy (MMFT).


I have been working with children, teens, adults, intimate relationships and families for the past 7 years. I worked with teenagers with FASD and offence histories, men with sexual offence histories, therapeutic foster parents, and rural and northern indigenous families. I have also seen clients who were university students, families associated with Metis CFS and individuals, intimate relationships and families within Winnipeg.

Passion about helping people.

I have been in the place of needing help to figure out what was going on for me. I have experienced the process of change from therapy, and watched it help important relationships around me. I have identified with a helping personality since I can remember, and this version of help suits my personality best! I don’t have the scientific mind to become, say, a doctor – but sociology and psychology are my jam! The tender and diverse process of human interaction is phenomenal to witness and guide. It is my honour and blessing to walk with clients toward change.

Life outside the office.

I have one little rugrat and one fur baby who keep my partner and I very busy after work. We love getting out to parks and doing a lot of walking together. I also like to garden in the tiny patch I have, and have become a canner of hot sauces. I love cooking and all things Gordon Ramsay.

Here to Help.

65 – Welcoming Natalie Koleric

written by Natalie Koleric on 26/11/20

I am a marriage and family therapist (MFT) – but I don’t only work with married people and families! It’s a deceiving title. I work with all people; individuals, people in intimate relationships and families. Being trained as an MFT means I specialize in the area of relationships. With individuals we focus on the relationship […]

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