“Who am I”, “Am I good enough?”, “What do people think of me?”, “How will people treat me if they knew I…?”, “What am I supposed to do with my life?”

These questions pervade our thoughts on a daily basis. Our sense of selves are formed as early as the age of three. We all struggle with our identities throughout the course of their lives – especially during transitional events like adolescence, graduation, divorce, and retirement. We struggle with our gender, sexual, religious, career, parental, spiritual and marital selves. We all want to achieve a place where we can safely, authentically, and confidently say, “I am…”.

Our body is made up of many systems that work congruently. Each approach addresses the individual as a whole and thus each system; however, we’ve separated the services to simplify the selection process. Please click on the service to find the practitioner to support you in healing the way you are currently feel stuck in your journey of self.

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Clinical Social Work/Therapy

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