Relationship Issues.

We are biologically wired to connect with others in order to survive. When we are born our parents are supposed to be attuned to us so that when we express a need they respond and meet that need. Sometimes parents are still dealing with their own wounds and they are unable to pay attention to us and don’t respond, respond sometimes and not others, or respond in hurtful ways. Poor attachment is the source of many problems that manifest within the way we feel about ourselves and the way we relate to others. These problems may manifest in intimacy issues, infidelity, divorce, infertility, parent/child conflict, conflict within our family of origin, and conflict with coworkers and people in community settings.

Our body is made up of many systems that work congruently. Each approach addresses the individual as a whole and thus each system; however, we’ve separated the services to simplify the selection process. Please click on the service to find the practitioner to support you in healing the way you currently feel stuck in your relationship(s).

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