What is it?

A dietitian provides reliable, evidenced-based food and nutrition information and expertise to help you choose a pattern of eating that ensures you are meeting your nutritional needs.

In addition to helping you gain confidence in your choices they’ll guide you in optimizing your nutrition to meet your own personal health and nutrition goals.

How does it work?

Trained health and wellness coaches uses science-based theory, mindfulness, awareness/insight, self- determination theory, motivational interviewing techniques, positive psychology, and goal setting theory to take nutritional counselling to a whole different level – mindful eating.

Our dietician here at Safe Harbour is a “Am I Hungry Mindful Eating” Facilitator and will help you gain the mindful and intuitive eating you skills you need to help you move beyond ineffective dieting and feeling trapped by food preoccupation towards a permanent solution to your food and food peace struggles.

Why would someone see a dietitian/food freedom coach?

Mindful and intuitive eating is more than eating slowly. We are all born intuitive eaters but repeated dieting, diet confusion and distraction have interfered with our ability to connect with our body cues. We’ve all seen a child leave half a cookie behind once satisfied and go and play. It’s unfathomable to those of us who have dieted and/or used food to cope with stress and difficult emotions and as a result have gathered a long list of “forbidden foods” we can’t control ourselves around – cookies right at the top of that list! Your food freedom coach will help you come back into your body and reconnect with your natural hunger and fullness signals, give you the tools you need to feel safe around food, eating to feel better not worse after – both physically and emotionally. Your work together will include:

1) becoming aware of the physical and emotional cues to eat

2) identifying any non-hunger triggers (people, places, emotions, thoughts, etc)

3) learning to meet needs in a more effective, healthy way

4) eating with joy to nourish your body

5) noticing satisfaction and satiety

6) using fuel from the food you’ve consumed

7) eating the foods you love again, without fear

8) finding out what it’s like to not have to think about food all day.

Who are dieticians?

Registered Dietitians (RD) are professionals with their bachelor of science who complete rigorous training and pass a registration exam. They also have to complete continuing education to ensure the services they provide are in your best interests. The RD designation is a title protected across Canada just like a physician and is provincially regulated.

Lisa Kehler (RD) is our dietitian/food freedom coach and is an integral part of our circle of care here at Safe Harbour Therapy. “The way you do food is the way you do life.”

Lisa Kehler

Registered Dietitian (RD), Life & Wellness Coach

What symptoms would be addressed?

  • Emotional eating habits in response to stress, chronic pain, fatigue, mood, etc
  • Food preoccupation
  • Body image and body acceptance
  • Supplement confusion
  • Disordered eating habits
  • Mindful meal planning
  • Shopping, cooking, eating out anxieties
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Food cravings
  • A non diet approach to achieving a healthy weight for your unique body

What would an appointment look like?

Once you decide to work with Lisa, she will send you an intake form with questionnaires to gather information about your strengths and struggles to make the most of your first appointment.

During the first appointment, you will talk about the information you filled out, create a vision of 3 basket goals, and the motivation or the “why” to reach those goals.

Lisa will tailor the tools you use to your unique challenges and goals to help you reach food peace as quickly and meaningfully as possible.

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