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Episode 102 – All Parts Welcome with Nan Campbell

written by Nan Campbell on 08/09/22

In this conversation, Julie and Nan explore the world of Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS Therapy). We discuss the healing power of being capital S, SELF Led, using the 8 C’s of Connection: curiosity, creativity, courage, compassion, confidence, clarity, and confidence to gently and effectively change our relationship with the parts of us that have been our constant companions: anxiety, inner critics, perfectionists, managers—even addictions, and other forms of self-harming.

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95 – Mindfulness Practice with Nan Campbell

written by Nan Campbell on 24/02/22

Most folks have experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed perhaps you have too. RAIN is a tried and true mindfulness practice that can help you move through the feeling of overwhelm – let’s give it a try shall we?

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77 – Individual and Relational Therapy with Nan Campbell

written by Nan Campbell on 15/07/21

It’s going to be okay. Taking the first step to care for yourself is often the most difficult part of starting on the journey of healing. If you are feeling anxious, worried, fearful, depressed, frustrated… you name it, we will work together to help you find the inner space to feel safe and secure. Let’s […]

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