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Episode 103 – Changing Hands

written by Carmen Okhmatovski on 30/12/22

Safe Harbour’s founder Julie Long has moved to Minnedosa, Manitoba and has decided to pass the harbourmaster keys to her colleague, Carmen Okhmatovski. Carmen has been a Safe Harbour clinician for the past few years, and now owns and directs the therapy centre. Tune into this podcast to learn about how Safe Harbour Therapy was created, how this transition came to be, and what the future holds for both Safe Harbour and Julie Long.

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93 – Forgiveness & Repair with Carmen Okhmatovsky

written by Carmen Okhmatovski on 27/01/22

Forgiveness and repair are key relational skills, but what are they? And how do we do them? When we experience a rupture in a relationship, the path to reconciliation is two-part. The first is forgiveness—the inner work of coming to peace with oneself and the other person. The second is relational repair, the work of two people taking accountability for their part in the rupture, rebuilding trust, and reestablishing closeness.

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90 – Boundaries Over the Holidays with Carmen Okhmatovsky

written by Carmen Okhmatovski on 16/12/21

With holiday celebrations quickly approaching, with its many joys and demands, many people find themselves considering their boundaries around their time, energy, conversations, and social interactions.

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75 – Grief and the Power of ‘Being With’

written by Carmen Okhmatovski on 29/04/21

One of the more notable qualities of grief is its ability to make us feel alone or isolated. “I’m surrounded by people, so why do I feel so lonely when I’m grieving?” Grief is the emotion of loss, and whether we have lost a person, a pet, a home, a dream, an identity…. there is […]

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69 – ABC’s of Parenting in a Pandemic with Carmen O, Marriage and Family Therapist

written by Carmen Okhmatovski on 24/12/20

Are you struggling to parent anxious kids while your own stress or anxiety is on the rise? During the pandemic, many parents are finding themselves struggling to maintain their own mental health, and emotionally regulate themselves while also managing their kids’ rising emotions. The recent changes in our interactions with each other and the outside […]

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57 – Navigating Conflict During COVID-19 with Carmen Okhmatovski

written by Carmen Okhmatovski on 25/09/20

Do you and your partner find yourselves struggling with more conflict during this time of COVID? Many couples find that the dynamics of their relationships have been changed or strained as a they spend more time together, less time with friends and family, and more time working from home or navigating return-to-work with COVID. Times […]

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