82 – Discovering Self Within Our Stories with Roni Dhaliwal

written by Roni Dhaliwal (Social Worker/Therapist) on 23/09/21

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82 – Discovering Self Within Our Stories with Roni Dhaliwal

“THR” stands for truth, healing and recovery. These are gifts I want to work with you to achieve. The stories we tell ourselves dictate how we see ourselves and our relationships, and impact how we experience the world around us. I will support you in rewriting your stories to help you discover your truth, heal from past wounds and recover so you can move forward in your life.

I have worked in the field for over 13 years, having successfully worked with my clients through a variety of challenges. I strongly feel the narrative approach is effective in helping process experiences of trauma, anxiety, depression, family difficulties, etc… My experience has provided me an in-depth understanding of how marginalization, which includes racism, gender discrimination, sexual orientation, ableism, and so forth can impact our experiences. I take great care to listen and not repeat the cycles of oppression when providing support to my clients.

“Let’s get the story straight.”

I think we are all trying to be our best! I do know that sometimes past events and stories prevent us from being our best. I know this from personal experience whereas stories that I created about my past began to impact my current relationships with family members, romantic partners, friends, colleagues, etc… I have learned that I do not have to be a prisoner or continually be victimized by old stories that I have written about myself. I can change how I view my story and can re-write it with a skilled narrator in order to be my best self. I am hopeful that in the work I do with my clients that I am able to work with them for them too to discover their best selves and also provide them with a sense of liberation. I am hoping that by creating truthful and healing narratives for people that I work will effectively be able to recover from past hurts and are better able to become active participants in their own lives.

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