81 – Release & Balance with Raindrop with Nancy Champagne

written by Nancy Champagne (Neurofeedback and Raindrop Practitioner) on 16/09/21

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81 – Release & Balance with Raindrop with Nancy Champagne

Are you feeling like you are carrying a lot of tension in your body? Do you feel like your stress levels are high? Do you want to release negative emotions stored in your body?

Raindrop can enhance positive emotions such as joy and happiness, relax muscles, reduce stress and improve immune function.

Rejuvenate the mind, balance the body!

Raindrop Essential Oil

What is Raindrop Technique?

Raindrop Technique is described as a complete modality that aims to reach all levels of the body, mind and emotions. The purpose is to stimulate every organ, muscle and bone of the body at a cellular level through the oils. The natural ingredients of the oils support the immune system with the intention of bringing the body into balance and encouraging the release of toxins wherever they may be lodged. 

Raindrop Technique is intended to stimulate the self-healing powers of the client and does so in a way that delivers optimal benefit according to the readiness and willingness of the client at the time of the session. At the completion of a Raindrop session, the client’s body, mind, and emotions will be more receptive to healing having been encouraged to find it’s balance.

What would someone be feeling that could benefit from a Raindrop session?

A Raindrop session may support symptoms associated with mild discomfort and symptoms stemming from traumas, emotional and physical. For example, some symptoms that may be addressed in a Raindrop session include: anxiety, stress and it’s effects on immune function, headaches, muscle/back pain, pent-up negative emotions, etc.

What are the benefits of Raindrop and what can occur in a session?

The benefits from Raindrop may not all be apparent immediately following the session. Adjustments can continue throughout the week following. Some clients experience healing (occasionally dramatically) immediately upon receiving Raindrop. However, the benefits of the session to the client’s mind, body and emotions takes place over a period of hours and days following the session and may not all be evident right away. Furthermore, some of the benefits may be subtle and not noticed for a while. The problems the client may have hoped would have been corrected may not as yet be healed, thus waiting to be released in a future Raindrop session. Meanwhile, unexpected healings may occur for chronic problems the client had not even thought the body needed to release. One can never predict in advance what benefits Raindrop may bring in a given session. Therefore, evaluation of the benefits received from Raindrop Technique may take several days to assess.

Sometimes the detoxification process results in bodily soreness, headache, sinus drainage, coughing or a rash on the skin. While unpleasant, these symptoms are temporary and merely an indication that the body is working as a result of the Raindrop session, releasing what it’s held onto and no longer needs. If the colon, liver and kidneys are saturated with toxins and unable to function normally, the skin becomes the third organ of excretion, thus a rash may be seen. For the vast majority of Raindrop clients, their experience is a pleasant sense of improved wellbeing, relaxation and increased energy and in some cases, chronic ailments may have fallen away or disappeared soon after the session. 

Raindrop may lead to healing, but will vary widely among clients according to their needs going into the session and their willingness to release what ails them at that time. 

Strong emotional releases can sometimes occur with Raindrop since the oils, when inhaled, may trigger the memory(ies) of stored emotions in the nervous system through the sense of smell. The oils also go directly to muscles, tissues and organs throughout the body where emotions can be stored. In rare instances, receivers may have a strong emotional response (such as crying, moaning, writhing, flailing of arms, etc). The environment as well as the rapport with the Raindrop practitioner encourage a safe expression of those emotions to release from the body. 

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